All about Australian Organic

Australian Organic is Australia’s largest organic not-for-profit organisation, representing the interests of more than 3,000 organic farmers, producers, operators, processors and traders. They promote the benefits of organic farming, and want us to be aware of all the organic products we can buy when we go shopping. Their approved products feature a special Bud logo, so we can easily identify them, and be sure we are buying certified organic products approved by Australian Organic.

Australian Certified Organic logo

Look for the Bud

When you go shopping, look out for the Australian Certified Organic Bud logo. Products with this logo have been grown, raised or prepared without the use of additives, synthetic chemicals or hormones, which means they are healthier for you and your family! If the product is certified as organic, you can be sure that the product is genuinely organic and has been produced according to strict standards, with the health and welfare of people, animals and the environment in mind.

It is not just food which can be organic either. You will find the Bud logo on cosmetics and gardening products too. So next time you go shopping look for the Australian Certified Organic Bud logo and consider the benefits of buying organic!