Australian Organic

About Australian Organic

Australian Organic

Australian Organic is the largest organic organisation in Australia. Their mission is to raise awareness of organic products that feature the Australian Certified Organic logo.

Australian Organic is committed to educating everyone about the benefits of producing organic food and consuming Australian Certified Organic products, including that going organic is also good for the environment.

Look for the Bud

Australian certified logo

When shopping for organic products, always look for a certification logo, such as the Australian Organic Bud.

The Bud is Australia’s most recognised organic certification mark and appears on the majority of certified organic products on our store shelves. You will see the Bud on all kinds of products including food, cosmetics and garden products.

Buying products with the Australian Organic Bud logo means you can trust that the product is genuinely organic and has been produced according to strict standards, with the health and welfare of consumers, animals and the environment in mind. That means no synthetic fertilisers or genetically modified organisms (GMOs) – just natural ingredients, the way it should be.

Below are some fun educational activities for kids relating to Australian Organic produce and products.

Fun activities