Parents & Carers


Welcome to the ‘Parents & Carers’ section of the Australian Organic Schools website.

This website has been designed to educate children and adults about the many benefits (for you and the environment) of growing and eating organic food. Australian Organic is committed to being a part of this journey.

Starting and maintaining a school garden is a wonderful step in this process. By involving children in the growing process, we can help them understand where their food comes from and encourage them to try new flavours, tastes and textures.

In the Teachers section of this site, there are a range of educational resources including seven comprehensive units of work which provide instructions and learning experiences to start and maintain a school garden. Why not ask the teachers at your local school if they would like to get involved?

You are also an important part of the gardening cycle. Starting and maintaining a garden should be a community project. Whether you are a novice or an expert gardener, your time and skills can make a valuable contribution to the garden building journey.

In this section you will also find What’s in season? which provides you with information about the produce that is available at this time of year. Buying and preparing seasonal produce is not only cheaper, but the food will be amazingly fresh and delicious.

Fun activities for kids has some activities to get kids excited about learning and the Australian Organic Awareness Month section has news about this event held every September.