School canteen

Welcome to the brand new Australian Organic Schools ‘Canteen’ section. This section of the website has been specially designed with the canteen in mind. We are still working on it, but if you stay tuned, you will find lots of healthy, simple and delicious recipes for use in your canteen that students of all ages will love!

The Teachers section of this site has some fantastic information about starting and maintaining a school garden to grow lots of beautiful, healthy, organic produce for use in your canteen. Ask the teachers at your school if they are already using the comprehensive range of resources in that section. If not, why not encourage them to get a garden started?

In this section you will also find What’s in season? which provides you with information about the produce that is available at this time of year. Shopping for and preparing seasonal produce is not only cheaper, but the food will be amazingly fresh and delicious.

The Australian Organic Awareness Month section has news about this special event held every September.